A bout the Association

Throughout the many years that our members have spent within the joint Russian breed club, the actual situation and circumstances of this specific canine breed has changed significantly in Hungary.

The breed that originally was scarcely populated and rare to find has grown stronger. As a result of a change in the attitude of the breeders, cross-border breeding, the increasing number of imported canines and the ever increasing popularity of Russian Black Terriers has caused the breeding population to increase in size. As the original joint club was covering a number of separate breeds, Black Terrier breeders and masters have chosen, on the basis of a variety of reasons, to continue with their efforts in an individual, breed-specific club.

We have founded the Hungarian Russian Black Terrier Association for the Community (abbreviated as the Russian Black Terrier Club). The Association is an organization with public benefits, recognized by the court of registration and commencing its operations of 4 March 2008.

A number of highly professional club members are active in the Association. A number of career breeders, having a breeding history of decades, along with many good-willed Black Terrier owners intend to work in and for the Association and for this specific breed in Hungary. According to the Articles of Association of the Russian Black Terrier Club, we accept and comply with all the rules and regulations of FCI and of its Hungarian member organization, the Hungarian Association of Canine Breeders (MEOE). The Association undertakes to operate along the principles and regulations defined thereto in all respects of its actions.

Our application has been accepted by the National Board of MEOE by the decree dating 17 September 2008. The Association has become a fully independent legal member of MEOE as of 1 January 2009, with the appropriate agreements and contracts having been duly executed.

We kindly welcome all those to become members who feel a liking to this spectacular breed we welcome breeders and exhibition masters, but we also kindly welcome all those who do not intend to win grand show trophies, but only keep Russian Black Terriers as pets and companions.