O ur aims
  • We consider it our special task to promote medical screenings. Our members receive certain discounts at the veterinarians endorsed by the Association.
  • To develop the breeding and breeding muster program for Russian Black Terriers.
  • To organize shows, breeding musters and exhibitions.
  • To introduce and promote the working abilities of this breed.
  • To ensure professional and high level canine training and to organize various ability contests and races. To provide assistance for the training and tuition of specialty breed trainers.
  • To plot, archive and publish on the Hungarian breeding stock.
  • To provide informational and professional advisory on breeding, feeding, grooming and sales issues.
  • To provide professional trainings.
  • To build up international relationships, with special regards to the relationship with the country of origin.
  • To monitor international events.
  • To provide adequate representation.
  • To cooperate with other Hungarian breeder organizations
  • To assist in educating juniors in animal protection, in the love of animals and in responsible animal handling.
  • To assist, by any and all professional means, the efforts of the breed rescue organization.
  • To promote this specific breed both in the printed and in the electronic media.