A ims

The members of MOFTEK (Hungarian Russian Black Terrier Association for the Community) who feel responsible for retaining the excellent working abilities and neural stability of this specific breed have decided to specifically support the training of Russian Black Terriers. Having reconciled the needs of the breeding stock and of the masters, we have reached the conclusion that it is necessary to establish a multi-level exam system that considers the specificities of this breed, providing adequate motivation at all training levels, from the elementary amateurs to the strictly professional ones. We also consider it important to differentiate between the various usage lines, since various masters have various preferences (obedience, security/guarding, agility, tracking/trailing.) We have found the K-99 exam regime that prescribes 9 levels in the four above lines fully compliant with our requirements. A further advantage of the K-99 regime is that, based on their special indices, the independent line exams are comparable. The K-99 association that is operating and managing the exams is ready to provide the opportunity for us to organize breed-specific exams for Russian Black Terriers, to run jointly on their open exams and to manage a breed-specific exam database with online access.

The level of knowledge of our canines can be matched with the required regimes in the case of other security/guard breeds, therefore, when meeting a given level of K-99, they are capable to pass the requirements of the corresponding alternative exam regimes (BH, IPO) as well. We intend to implement and manage a friendly atmosphere of competition among the masters of Russian Black Terriers. For this purpose, the K-99 exam regime can be an excellent tool, and our efforts could well yield the result of having a tight community and a breeding stock that is constantly improving in its abilities and capabilities.